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Hi, and welcome to Ang's Creations!


My name is Angela. I'm the creator of this site and the goodies within! I started this site as a way to share my interest in cooking and baking.

My interest in baking and cooking started with my grandmother. For as long as I can remember, she was always cooking and baking. It was a given that when you visited her home you would be greeted with the smell of home made breads and desserts. About the time I turned 9, she started to teach me how to cook meals for my family as well as making pies.

My interest in cake decorating started right after the birth of my first son. A close friend of the family decorated cakes and sold them. From time to time I was able to watch and started to pick up ideas and an interest in cake decorating.

Today, I have expanded my interest from decorated cakes to include special desserts, cookies by the baker's dozen, as well as decorated cookies for those who would rather have a cookie for a celebration instead of a cake.

Thanks for visiting Ang's Creations! Remember us for all your dessert and catering needs! Please stay tuned in more information and goodies to come!

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